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Our Purpose:

The History Department at Spring Hill College is committed to the belief that the study of history is essential to a liberal arts education. In that context, students in our history courses examine the major political, economic, and social forces and events that have shaped the world today. In addition to providing a sound program for students who major or minor in history, the History Department seeks to offer stimulating and relevant courses to all Spring Hill students.

In the introductory history courses that serve as part of the college’s core, the focus is on the essential background for an educated understanding of the peoples and forces affecting the development of western societies. In the upper division courses, the emphasis is on a more intensive analysis of social, political, economic, and ideological developments as studied in more concise periods and ranging into such topics as women’s history, African-American history, Latin America, the American presidency, Medieval Europe, Modern Europe, the American Civil War, and early America.

The history faculty works diligently to develop each student’s historical knowledge, writing abilities, and analytical skills as a contribution to the student’s intellectual development. In so doing, we seek to prepare our students for a variety of career and educational opportunities, including graduate and professional programs in history, government, law, education, historical preservation, museum studies, archival studies, journalism, and public administration.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Telephone: (Secretary) 251.380.3050

FAX: 251.460.2215

Email: tward@shc.edu

Postal: Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 36608

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