Guidelines for Departmental Assessment of Student Writing

Below, I have listed links to websites from established Writing Across the Curriculum programs. These links provide information relevant to WAC assessment design within the disciplines.

Designing Departmental WAC Assessment Plans
Includes discussion on selecting goals, which groups to get information from, and assumptions about writing assessment. This site also lists the benefits and disadvantages of several types of assessment, including single paper assignments, timed essay writing and portfolios.

Types of Rubrics

A brief description of Analytic Rubrics and Holistic Rubrics, as well as a discussion of a rubric’s level of specificity. From Iowa State University.

Steps for Holistic Scoring
A guideline for designing and participating in a departmental holistic scoring session evaluating student competencies. Download PDF from this George Mason University website:

Sample Report Format
Also from George Mason University, this sample report provides questions that might be helpful for articulating a department’s assessment goals, writing standards, and recommendations for improving student writing. Download PDF from this website:

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