Sample Rubrics for Departmental Assessment of Student Writing

Below are listed sample rubrics from other schools with established Writing Across the Curriculum Programs. Some of the rubrics are department-specific while others are more general, leaving room for revision as appropriate.

An excellent writing rubric from MIT that organizes assessment into the areas of Strategy/Purpose, Audience, Structure, Support/Evidence, Coherence, Clarity/Conciseness, Formatting, Use of Tables & Graphs, and Mechanics. Each area has clear descriptions of the different grades a student might receive. This rubric is concise yet also adaptable to different disciplines. This site also includes specific rubrics for grading lab reports and oral presentations.

George Mason University: Includes assessment rubrics for: Art and Visual Technology, Art History (2008), Biology (2007), Communications, Dance, Economics, English, Information Technology, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology, Public and International Affairs, Religious Studies, School of Management (2007), and Theater. I particularly recommend the 2007 rubric for the School of Management.

General Assessment Rubric for Upper-Division Courses from the University of Kentucky

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