History of Spring Hill College’s WAC Program

The Spring Hill College Writing Across the Curriculum Program began as an initiative of the Core Development Committee in September 2000.  A proposal for Writing Across the Curriculum was presented to the Faculty Assembly in April 2001 and later approved in its present form.  In November 2002, the Core Development Committee approved an assessment plan for WAC. This plan was inaugurated in Spring 2003 with an assessment of essays submitted by juniors in W-designated courses.  Since that time, the WAC committee has conducted yearly assessments and contributed to faculty development in the area of writing instruction.

The 2009 WAC committee members are:  Ola Fox (Nursing), Sergio Castello (Business), Tom Hoffman (Political Science), Tom Ward (History), Leona Rowan (Education), and Christina Kotchemidova (Communication Arts).  Cathy Swender (English) is the WAC coordinator.  Each year, this committee conducts the general WAC assessment.  Members also serve as resources for their departments and examine issues and concerns related to teaching writing at Spring Hill College.

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