College Writing Across the Curriculum Assessment

Spring Hill College’s WAC program evaluation takes place on two major levels. The administrative level examines how the program as a whole is carried out. At the end of each spring semester, W course instructors submit to the WAC coordinator a sample paper from each junior in the class. A committee of faculty from different disciplines then grades each paper holistically and compiles the results in an annual report. The WAC coordinator also keeps a record of W course syllabi and advises departments on developing courses in accordance with the college’s stated requirements.

Rubric for WAC Assessment of Student Essays
Requirements for Submission of Second-Year Juniors’ Essays

For the second tier of assessment, each department takes responsibility for developing a means to evaluate student writing in a manner more detailed and specific to the discipline. They may do this at the core level and at the major level. Such evaluation involves developing a rubric; creating a plan for the types of skills to be taught in the various classes and to be tested; and deciding upon a method for assessment, such as through timed essays, paper assignments, or portfolios.

Sample rubrics in the disciplines
Guidelines for department assessment
Reference materials on writing assessment

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